Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is becoming a buzz word in the energy healing community, but what exactly IS intuitive healing? Some of you maybe wondering, is it reiki? Is it a whole new “thing”? My work in healing has evolved into what I call ‘Intuitive Healing” because I combine my intuitive ability to read energy with acupuncture and/or reiki. The intuitive side of the session begins as soon as my client or patient walks into my space and continues well into the treatment portion of the healing session. I have the ability to read energy and relay the incredible language of spirit back to the client/patient. My sessions start with a consult to discuss the matter at hand and include acupuncture and/or reiki as well as traditional fire cupping when appropriate. I also infuse the treatment with specific essential oils on acupuncture points to elicit energetic responses in the body. At the very end of the session I set aside 10-15 minutes to go over my intuitive findings and relay any pertinent messages that can help the person move forward and grow. Why would someone seek out an intuitive healing session? People come in for this type of treatment when they want more depth to their healing process. I see the greatest results from those who come in specifically for intuitive healing, as I have found this particular type of person is at a point in time when they are ready to change and transform. The healer within is ready to awaken.