Sound Bath Meditations

What is a Sound Bath Meditation?

A sound bath meditation is a beautifully unique way to come together to unite in support of healing and deep relaxation. This sound bath experience includes ear acupuncture, essential oils on acupressure points and a guided meditation to prepare the body and breath for a calm and grounded entrance into the sound waves of the crystal singing bowls. If you have never had the pleasure of hearing crystal singing bowls you are in for a real treat. The sound is ethereal and vibrates through the entire body as we drift into a state of deep relaxation and possibly even sleep!

What do I need for a Sound Bath Meditation?

We ask that you bring a blanket for warmth (the body temperature drops as you move into the parasympathetic state of calm) as well as a pillow for your comfort. I recommend wearing socks since your body temperature will drop and if you have an eye pillow or eye mask bring that as well! 

Next Sound Bath Meditation

Longevity Fitness
February 13th | 5:00 – 6:15pm
$40 per person

Join us for an evening filled with self love, self care, healing and deep relaxation.

What to bring: a pillow, blanket, wear socks, and bring an eye pillow if you have one. We will supply yoga mats and a limited number of bolsters for under the knees.

Private Sound Bath Meditations

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Tarah also offers private sound bath meditations. Private sound bath meditations are a great way for small groups to come together to experience healing and deep relaxation. Contact Tarah directly to inquire about availability.

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