Stress Reduction

I have a very unique way of approaching stress, whether it manifests as anxiety, depression, grief, insomnia or emotional turmoil. After working in a fertility clinic for two years and seeing the most extreme cases, I have become well adept to nurturing patients out of the fight or flight state and calming the nervous system. I am comfortable working with those suffering from hopelessness, despair, fear, grief and anxiety. My approach and techniques include acupuncture along with fire cupping to draw out trapped emotions to release old patterns and toxic energy. The magic in working with stress is through my Reiki practice. I am grateful to have a very special connection to Reiki, which offers patients a much deeper, calming treatment than just using acupuncture alone. Due to the nature of the treatments being more in-depth and intensive, I set the patient’s expectations based on the individual case. In the beginning, I will assess how often I need to see the patient, but my goal is to get patients down to bi-monthly or monthly treatments.