Pain Management

If you’ve been referred to me from a pain patient of mine chances are you have heard the glories of miraculous healings. While I’d love to take the credit for being a pain guru, the reality is that I know what I can treat quickly and easily and render exceptional results. I pride myself on setting the patient’s expectations based on the ailment and treatment plan needed to accomplish the desired outcome. If you’re a competitive athlete or just a person who takes their workouts seriously then I recommend coming in to see me on a monthly basis. This will improve your performance and help you to avoid injuries related to training and workouts. Think of your body like a car, it will need routine maintenance to operate at peak condition.


This is my area of expertise when it comes to results. I know exactly how to release a tight muscle to give the patient instant relief. If you’ve had muscle pain for 3 months or less this is likely an ailment that I can give the patient results within 4 treatment sessions. I have had cases that were very chronic (10 years or more) and within 4 to 6 treatments the pain completely diminished.


Overloaded muscles from working out or physical labor Tension Headaches: temporal referral pain and behind the eye. Migraines: caused by tension pain Tight chest pain: referral pain can go down arm Plantar fasciitis Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow Pinched nerve due to muscle tightness Knee pain caused by muscle tightness


I can treat chronic pain as well, however, this takes more time due to the complexity of the injury. Pain caused by a tear in the muscle, tendon or ligament will take more time but acupuncture absolutely helps the healing process. The needles cause the body to have the “repair response” through blood flow bringing repair cells and nutrients to the affected area. When pain manifests due to structural issues I always refer patients to see a chiropractor and/or a PT to improve the quality of my treatments. I can release muscles to allow the bones to remain stabilized so the adjusts can hold longer. This is why Chiropractors and PT’s love acupuncture, so much so they are getting weekend certificates to do “dry needling” which is what us acupuncturists call trigger point release or muscle release. Why choose to get “needled” from an acupuncturist vs. a PT or Chiropractor? Because we have thousands of hours (4 years of school) in needling under our belts and 3 board exams to test our in-depth knowledge of how to insert a needle and how deep we can insert over areas of the lungs and organs.