Sound Bath Meditations

 Charleston, SC

Saturday, February 22nd at Soul Yoga in West Ashley

1836 Ashley River Rd. Suite J



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Kiawah Island, SC:

Studio 33 Easter Weekend more details to come!

Kiawah River May 3rd more details to come! 


What is a sound bath exactly? If you haven't heard of a sound bath meditation yet I'm excited to tell you that you will not be disappointed in the hype.  A sound Bath Meditation is a meditation where instruments are played that emit a vibration of sound that travels through the body causing deep relaxation.  Our bodies are around 70% water which allows for vibration to move easily and efficiently to every inch of our physical body.  

 I bring my acupuncture and healing skills into my sound baths to give participants a layered experience that is tailored to stress reduction. My sound bath meditations include ear acupuncture, essential oils on points and a guided meditation that transitions into the sound of the crystal singing bowls.  I have seven singing bowls that are tuned to specific notes that coincide with each of the seven chakras.  The sound of the singing bowls clears and balances the energies within our body's chakra system.  I highly recommend everyone try a sound bath meditation since we all experience some level of stress in our daily lives.  The benefits you will experience post sound bath meditation will be deep relaxation, peace, calm, restful sleep, and a possible shift in mood and/or perspective in life.   

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